Vlastina 23/889
160 00 Praha 6 - Ruzyně Czech republic

Prague Hotels

The most common form of accommodation is in a hotel of 1* to 5* stars. According to this star rating they provide a certain level of services - from the very basic to the luxurious. Normally from 1* upwards breakfast is included and bathrooms and toiletries are standard. From 3* upwards there should be a bar, television and a greater choice at breakfast. The highest categories of accommodation (4*-5*) provide luxury of the highest international standard.

Prague Botels

This is a special type of accommodation found on the river Vltava in Prague in particular. It is a more romantic accommodation option affording unusual views of the capital. The standard of accommodation is comparable to a 3* hotel and above.
Prague Hostels

These are hostels for young people and provide an alternative to cheap hotels. Dormitories are common (4 or more beds in one room is nothing unusual), and WC and washrooms are also shared. One advantage of staying at hostels is that they are often located in historical city centres.
Student halls of residence
These are ideal for tourists looking for cheap (8–10 euros) and easily accessible accommodation from June through to September. They are usually to be found on the outskirts of towns and occasionally in city centres.

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