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Karlovy Vary - The Biggest Czech Spa

The present shape of Karlovy Vary was most influenced by the late 19th-century developments deriving from historicism and the approaching Art Nouveau. Thanks to its hot healing springs, the fame of Karlovy Vary has spread all around the world. Twelve out of roughly 100 springs of various yield have been captured to be used for drinking cures. Mineral waters are similar in terms of composition, but they have varied effects based on different temperatures and content of carbon dioxide. Colder springs usually have a slightly laxative effect, while warmer ones have inhibiting effects and reduce bile and gastric secretions.


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For Further information visit: www.karlovyvary.cz

10 hrs Sightseeing Trip to Karlovy Vary from 3.500,- CZK


  • 1-4 passengers             3.500,- CZK
  • 5-8 passengers             4.500,- CZK               

( Roundtrip and waiting time included)

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